What is verbal branding?
Intention + Words.

Strategy. Linguistics. Creativity.

From a corporate name to a call to action, the words need to be right. Every experience a customer has with you frames their expectations about how working with you looks, feels, and sounds.

And to get that frame right you need to be intentional with language. Craft a strategy, create, then filter through the strategy. Great names arise only after a grand cavorting of creative recklessness and strategic diligence. Great writing evolves with several rewrites and, often, a skilled editor.

At the beginning of a project, you might know what you are but not what to call yourself. You may know want to say but not how to say it.

That’s where I come in.

I know words. I develop brand names, copy, messaging, ads, articles, white papers, grant proposals, white papers, books, web sites, and press releases. I can start with a blank sheet of paper or focus on making your creative efforts better.

Visit the recent examples page for more information on what I do. Essentially, if it involves words, I can handle it.

(Well, words in English, anyway. Not all of them, I guess, which should be a legal disclaimer. Semantics, though, clearly. And hyperanalysis of even the simplest statements…)